Sylvain Losserand


Dispersion and transit time of red blood cells in capillaries and microcirculatory networks


An essential parameter of microcirculation is the transit time of RBCs in an organ, that can be a limitation to diffusion and disponibility of oxygen. The transit time inside a organ for the same sample is quite dispersed around a mean value : some RBCs are faster than others. This dispersion from previous study have shown to be dependent of the mechanical properties of RBCs that can be modified by pathologies. The mechanisms involved are the rheology of blood (the apparent viscosity varies with confinement in capillaries and RBC rigidity), and the hydrodynamic migration dispersion of RBCs due to interactions between cells and with vessel walls. My PhD aim is to describe experimentally the key parameters (lift of RBC from the wall, concentration, deformability...) which modify the transit time and quantify their influence firstly in a straight channel and secondary in capillary network.