Othmane Aouane


Modeling and simulation of the motion of 2D deformable interfaces in a confined geometry


Vesicles are extensively used as a model for understanding dynamics and deformation of red blood cells at the individual level but also regarding collective phenomena and rheology. We investigate numerically several kind of problems such as: (i) the dynamics of isolated cells; (ii) the hydrodynamic coupling between the red blood cells (by using vesicles as a model) subject to a Poiseuille flow under different confinements; (iii) the aggregation of red blood cells and formation of rouleaux; and (iv) the contribution of macromolecules in the formation of clusters under flow condition. The obtained results give a new insight into the physics of deformable objects under confinement that are transposable to the flow of red blood cells in the microcirculation.


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Submitted to PRF

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*: equal contribution